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Best dry robes for cold water swimming

Warm-up immediately

Are you ready for the most obvious statement ever? Here it goes. Cold water swimming is cold. 

You were warned, but it is true. Open waters are notoriously freezing, and swimming during winter only makes it even more frosty, even when you exit the water. 

To carefully and quickly warm up, you must invest in a thermal dry robe to keep you dry and insulated when you finish your swim.

Warming up is important to stay safe and avoid after-drop, and a dry robe coat is a great piece of equipment to get toasty. 

We review the best dry robes for cold water swimming below!

Best changing robes for cold water swimmers

We have reviewed the best dry robes for cold water swimming on the market, so keep reading to check them out and find your favourite!

1. dryrobe Advance Changing Robe

dryrobe Advance Changing Robe
Woman in dryrobe Advance Changing Robe

First on our list of the best dry robes for cold water swimming, we have perhaps the most famous dryrobe – the dryrobe itself. The dry robe UK brand is perhaps what made dry robes so popular to begin with, and we aren’t surprised. 

Dryrobes come in over ten colours so that you can pick your favourite! They also come in five sizes, so there is a size to fit everyone. 

The long sleeve dryrobe has a highly waterproof external lining and a highly insulating thermal fleeced inner layer. So, it will keep you dry and help you warm up after a cold water swim.

The standard fit is baggy and oversized for maximum comfort and discreet changing. However, if you purchase the dryrobe for walking or additional warmth, we recommend dropping a size.

You can keep your valuables dry and safe in deep, zipped, waterproof pockets of the dry robe. 


  • Options for men, women, and children. 
  • 100% windproof and waterproof repurposed nylon.
  • Machine washable (but not in a standard wash).
  • 12 colours and 5 sizes of dry robe.
  • £120-£160. 

2. Endex Elite Adult Waterproof Changing Robe

Endex Elite Adult Waterproof Changing Robe
Models in Endex Elite Adult Waterproof Changing Robe

Endex Elite changing robe is up next on the list. A personal favourite, this dry robe comes with useful extras, such as a waterproof phone case and a stuff bag to give your belongings extra protection. 

This luxury dryrobe is 100% waterproof, and the fleeced inner layer provides thermal properties to keep you toasty. The hood will prevent heat from being lost from your head, and you will get full body coverage as the changing robe is knee-length. 

Endex gives its customers a one-year guarantee, so you can return your changing robe if you find any defects or you are not happy with the quality – but with the many 5-star reviews this dry robe has acquired, we don’t think this will be likely. 

You can pick which changing robe suits you best with a choice of two colours and three sizes! This eco-change robe is popular but may not be the most cost-effective choice for those on a budget.

If you are looking for a cheap dry robe, other options on our list may be more suitable.


  • Proven YKK double zip for easy fastens. 
  • Unisex design in three sizes and two colours. 
  • Free waterproof stuff bag and phone case. 
  • Internal flap pocket for storing clothes whilst getting changed.
  • £120-£140.

3. Wild & Free® Sustainable Dry Robe

Wild & Free® Sustainable Dry Robe
Models in Wild & Free® Sustainable Dry Robe

If you are looking for a sustainable unisex changing robe, you should consider Wild & Free’s dry robe. 

The sherpa-lined robe keeps in body heat and keeps out cold water, so it’s perfect for slipping into after a cold swim. The PU outer shell repels water to provide 100% water protection. 

The nylon is completely made from recycled materials, as Wild & Free focuses on protecting the environment and the waters their customers love to enjoy. 

Wild & Free’s dryrobe is perhaps one of the most stylish changing robes on the market and was designed to be worn as a luxury waterproof coat and dry robe in one.

So, you can wear this eco-change robe for a swim, a walk, or even if it’s cold. 


  • Lightweight slimline design. 
  • Sherpa fleece lining from top to bottom for maximum insulation.
  • Made from 100% recycled materials. 
  • Zipped waterproof pockets. 
  • £140.

4. Kimyou Changing Robe

Kimyou Changing Robe
Model in Kimyou Changing Robe

The Kimyou changing robe is one of the most popular dryrobes on the market for swimmers, surfers, walkers, and sailors. 

You can pick the changing robe that best suits your activity with two options, a short sleeve and a long sleeve. We prefer the long sleeve dry robe for open water swimming, as it provides additional insulation to maintain your core body temperature. 

Deep, fleeced-lined pockets act like a dry bag to protect your phone, kindle, car keys, and other valuables from the cold and the water. The pocket even comes with a headphone hole to listen to music while staying warm.

Kimyou is a small business based in the UK; they currently offer two sizes and one colour. The Kimyou brand aims to protect its customers from harsh environments so they can enjoy everything nature offers.


  • Option of short or long sleeves.
  • Nylon Oxford fabric for complete water and wind protection.
  • Zip pockets with fleece lining. 
  • A small business owned by adventure seekers.
  • £90.

5. Osprey Unisex’s Adult Changing Robe

Osprey Unisex's Adult Changing Robe
Osprey Unisex’s Adult Changing Robe

Osprey’s changing robe is made from 20% recycled plastic bottles, so you can get changed in privacy knowing you are thinking of the environment too. 

A must-have for all cold water swimmers, there is plenty of space to change under the changing robe, a much better alternative to awkwardly holding a towel up or huddling up for privacy. 

The oversized dryrobe allows you to comfortably change out of wet gear into dry clothes wherever you may be. With five different sizes, you will find one perfect for you. Remember to size down if you want a snugger fit.

The thermal inner lining and fleece towelled pockets will warm you up in no time and dry you off.

Getting warm is crucial for winter swimming to ensure you don’t experience any adverse side effects once you exit the water and take off your wetsuit.


  • Wind-resistant hood with double zip closure. 
  • Internal storage pockets for valuables. 
  • Oversized fit for discreet changing.
  • Comes in three colours and five sizes. 
  • £80-£90.

6. Dryrobe Towelling Robe

Dryrobe Towelling Robe
Woman and child in Dryrobe Towelling Robe

The Dryrobe towelling robe is made from premium organic cotton, a quick-drying material, so you will dry off and get warm in no time. The material is similar to that of a beach towel.

From the creators of the iconic Dryrobe, the towelling robe comes in various sizes to provide private changing at the beach or after an open water swim. The towelling hood will remove any excess moisture from your hair to keep you insulated. 

There are many colours to choose between, but only four sizes, which include two sizes for children. Always check the size guide before purchasing a dry robe to ensure it will fit.

The oversized poncho design lets you remove your wetsuit with both hands, as we know how stubborn a damp wetsuit can be. 

Keep reading to find more of the best dry robes for cold water swimming!


  • 100% 400 gsm medium-lightweight cotton for fast drying.
  • Hood and knee length design to reduce drafts. 
  • Machine washable.
  • Options for children and adults. 
  • £40-£60.

7. Seashell Adult Waterproof Changing Robe

Seashell Adult Waterproof Changing Robe
Model in Seashell Adult Waterproof Changing Robe

Seashell is an independent small business that has created a popular waterproof changing robe made from polyester and Sherpa fleece. 

The dryrobe is 100% waterproof and windproof, with extra details, such as cuff adjusters, to keep your internal body temperature warm and regulated. 

You can use your changing robe for many activities; it is ideal for wild water swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, and more. 

The fleece-lined changing robe comes in two colours and three sizes and has suitable options for both men and women.

Seashell has designed its dryrobe to look like a Parka so that you can wear the stylish polar fleece as a walking coat, not just for wild swimming.


  • Two-way YKK zip for fast and easy entry and exit.
  • Long-sleeved with velcro cuffs.
  • Two large inside pockets to protect valuables.
  • Small-business owned. 
  • £140. 


What is a changing robe?

A changing robe is an oversized fleeced coat that many open-water swimmers use to change discreetly after their swim. A changing robe is also commonly known as a dry robe.

The baggy design allows individuals to take off their wetsuits or swimming equipment underneath using both hands, and the fleeced internal material helps to warm them up. 

Like the ones on our list, a quality dry robe will help regulate and maintain body heat, ensuring the swimmer, surfer, or individual leaving the water is less likely to experience after drop. 

Most dry robes can be used multi-functionally for events other than swimming, such as watersports or camping. The microfiber materials keep you warm, so you can use your robe whenever you need extra warmth.

What should you look for in a dry robe?

There are many features to consider before you decide which dryrobe is best for you; these include:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Sustainability
  • Extras, such as matching tow floats

Are there environmentally friendly dry robes?

Many dry robes are made from recycled or renewable materials; for example, Dryrobe uses 100% recycled nylon and plant-based waterproof windproof finishing.

Wild and Free is another sustainable brand that recognises the importance of protecting the environment for winter swimming. Their robes are made from entirely recycled materials. 

As Winter swimmers cherish the waters they explore, any changing robe brand must focus on how they can help preserve the environment their customers enjoy. 

How often do you wash a dry robe?

You only need to wash your dryrobe every few months or so or if you get it exceptionally dirty.

If you get your robe muddy, try to remove the dirt with a wet sponge; however, if a proper wash is required, take the following steps:

  • Always wash your changing robe inside and out.
  • Put your washing machine on a gentle, cold wash – or cold wash your robe by hand.
  • Only use a non-bio detergent.
  • Never use a fabric softener.
  • After the wash, hang your robe and dry it at room temperature.

Remember never to wash your changing robe with hot water, and never dry it in your machine!


There you have it! The top seven changing robes that are on the market right now! Every dry robe has been carefully reviewed to highlight its benefits, from the price to extra features like zipped internal pockets. 

All the robes come in many sizes and colours to suit your frame and preferences. There are even options for children listed. 

Changing robes allow for plenty of room so individuals can protect their modesty as they get dressed post-swim. The full-length design keeps the warmth in and the cold out.

A wetsuit is important to keep cold water swimmers safe in the water, and a changing robe is crucial for warming up swimmers once they exit the water. 

So, we urge you to consider purchasing one of the best dry robes for cold water swimming if you are considering going for a cold water swim!