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We first tried cold water swimming during a trip to Abersoch, and we knew we had stumbled upon something special. The thrill of diving into icy waters was unlike anything we had experienced before. But we soon discovered that the benefits of open water swimming extended far beyond the physical rush.

As we made cold water swimming a regular activity, we noticed improvements in our mental and physical health. We became passionate advocates for this exhilarating sport and explored wild waters all year round.

We founded Cold Water Swim to fill the information gap and provide resources on health, safety, and equipment for those interested in the sport. Our aim is to inspire others to try cold water swimming and reap its benefits.

Love Izzy and Louie x

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Our blog is a comprehensive guide for cold water swimming and other outdoor water activities. We review essential gear, address frequently asked questions, and share expert tips with our fellow wild water enthusiasts. Check out our articles now!

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At Cold Water Swim, we’re always eager to hear from our readers! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions related to cold water swimming, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We also welcome commercial enquiries.

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We love working with brands and businesses and are happy to partner up with all shapes and sizes. Please email for guest posts, business enquiries and any other questions!

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Join our ever-growing community on Facebook full of like-minded cold water swimmers! Our Facebook page is very active and is a great way to keep up to date with everything Cold Water Swim.

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We love outdoor swimming.

Cold water swimming has taken us on a transformative journey. The invigorating shock of the icy water acts as a reset button for the mind, immediately shifting our focus away from daily stressors. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that has undoubtedly enriched our lives, fostering mental clarity and a renewed zest for each day.

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